How do i write a good poem

The 8 Sns You’ve Written A Good Poem -

This is not a plead to reunite we, you already know where I stand this is an attempt to help u see the beauty you are.

Poetry Explications - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill

I know it seems far fetched asking your ex why he thinks your beautiful but this ex loves you no matter what you put him through.

Poetry Explications - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill

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In his eyes he sees perfection but struggles to describe the description he could be childish and mention your body he loves it but he sees more than just a hottie with a body, he looks up and his manic brain goes silent for the utter moment of silence is deep in her eyes he feels safe for beauty knows no bounds beauty is not cookie cutter but these eyes are gazing he says it's your best assest but deep down you feel it's so basic and doesn't pass your test. He will stumble with excitement thinking deep down sweep her off her feet say something sweet. He begins to say eyes never age when I said forever I didn't mean until you're body began to fade.

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U smile but it's not enough you ask for more hoping what he will say mht make you feel beautiful he doesn't know so he says your smile it's been awhile since he saw it but he remembers it vividly.

How do i write a good poem:

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